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Active Maps : Cartographic design and production

Active Maps was set up in 1998. We enjoy all aspects of creating maps from the initial discussion with potential clients and then seeing the map take shape through production and completion.

Map Design

For maps to be successful they need to be designed around the map user. It sounds simple but too many maps are designed to just look 'pretty'. When you actually try to use them you soon realize they are often at the wrong scale, the map features you want to see and stand out are hard to see against less important information, and important data is missed off altogether.

How we work

We will discuss with you all aspects of the project to help bring it to fruition, from size, scale and format to design, production and publishing - whether in digital or print. We will work with you so we understand exactly what and who the map is for and keep you involved throughout the project. Proofs are sent to you at key times so not only will you be able to see how the project is coming along you will also be able to give feedback on any aspect of the map.

Besides the maps we can design and produce non-map information in publications such as text and photo pages, front and back covers.

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Various maps produced by Active Maps

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