Maps of activities from your accommodation

These maps, for accommodation providers, show guests things to do from their location; such as walking, running and cycling routes.

It's a great way for you to show your guests what they can do from your door. Ideal for all accommodation types including hotels, self-catering cottages, caravan and camping sites, B&Bs.

Key Details:

  • Attractive maps
  • Routes straight from your accommodation
  • Ideal to have at reception, include with your welcome pack, or have on your website.

Great looking maps that you can give to your guests showing them a route they can do from your location. For example, maps of running routes of various lengths, a half day walks or cycle rides.

Once you have the maps there is no restriction on how many times they are used; so you can be still giving to your guests in many years time.

There is just a one off cost for us to produce the maps. Please phone us for details on 01565 750049 or complete our Enquiry Form

Site Centred walking map

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